Meet Patty Feist

Honoring my truth guides how I paint, create, and live my life!

At the tender age of eight I learned that how I saw the world was very different than those around me. I was coloring trees, beautiful blue trees, because that was how I saw them. While I thought that was brilliant, my little friend was not impressed. “You are ruining my coloring book she said! If you won’t use the proper colors then you have to go home!” To this day those words resonate with me. I got up and walked out of her kitchen that day, and I have embraced my individuality ever since. In the wise words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.”

It was many years later when my passion for art was taken to an entirely new level. I had a life changing accident that caused me to understand what it was that I was meant to do. When my life was stripped of my physical self, I approached a crossroads, where I had to decide “Am I going to let this destroy me, or am I going to flourish despite the odds?” Another of my favorite quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt reflects how I live. “It is better to light a candle then to curse at the darkness.” And so I chose to keep my little light burning, and that is why my studio is called Little Light Studios.

I said to myself “Patty, there is a lot that you can't do, but there is a still a lot that you can do.” At that point I made myself a promise that I would do three things that I had always wanted to do, and that I would do them within that calendar year. I didn’t know what they were, yet, but I was about to find out. Should you and I ever meet I will tell you about those three things, but for now, you need only know that through that process I was given a gift, a passionate, magnificent and colorful gift. I discovered that I was meant to live behind the tip of a brush, and just like breathing, I was meant to paint, to create.

My creative process is an intuitive one. I allow the piece to tell me what it wants. My brush is often moving about the surface awaiting a little miracle to happen. When it does, I am always filled with delight, and I head in the direction it takes me. The style of my work is varied, as are my subjects. I enjoy painting in both acrylics and watercolors. I float back and forth between the two mediums. Boredom will never live in my studio. A studio where music is my companion, paint is my expression and intuition my truth. I am privileged to have shown my work both locally and internationally, and my works are featured in both private and corporate collections globally.

And so I return to my easel, because if I don’t have paint on my toes, in my hair and on my apron, my world is not as it should be. Yes, I said toes, because on many occasions it ends up, somehow, on my toes! When I paint, anything can happen.

I invite you to feel the peacefulness and warmth in every piece of my art that you view. That is my intention.